My name is Arianna and I’m Italian even though I live and work between England and India.


Arianna means holy,pure. I tell you cause everyone here in India has the habit of asking me the meaning of my name.  Holy and pure. That describes me quite well.



I’m a former cabin crew manager,entrepeneur,musician, Yoga teacher, Reiki therapist, Ayurvedic therapist, meditation teacher,interpreter,writer and photographer.


I came to India the first time in 2012 to take a course in Ayurveda and Panchakarma in the state of Kerala and after that trip my life was changed for ever.


Since then i kept coming back every year for long periods of time to deepen my studies and learn more about what India could offer to my personal and professional growth.


I started meditating as a teenager to overcome a few disturbs like anxiety and OCD that were slowly taking the best part of me and my energies away;vipassana meditation helped me a great deal in detaching myself from the spiral of obsessive thoughts i was trapped into and for the first time i was able to live in the present moment,experiencing the real peace and harmony one can feel just when connected to the here and now  A few years back I started applying the technique to walking discovering the endless benefits of it and later on decided to turn it into a revolutionary  ecosustainable, clean and spiritual way of traveling. So WALKING MEDITATION as a way of traveling.

DONNAMONDO is made up of two italian words: DONNA,which means WOMAN, and MONDO which means WORLD.


DONNAMONDO  is an independent yet generous woman, strong but kind, a woman who loves and respects herself, brave, in love with life, a woman who wants to go deep down inside herself to get to know her fears and trascend them by using the travel as a self realisation tool.

Donnamondo are all those women who refuse to fit the usual social schemes that want them weak,passive and slaves to their own insecurities and rebel against roles and dogmas to live their own true nature with open heart,in armony with the universe.


In my travels i always got to meet women travelers like me with whom i was able to communicate at very deep levels even if it was a random chat on a bus or at a train station.

It was not necessary to say much, one knowing glance and one smile were enough to undestand that in that very moment our home, our shelter, our safe place where take the backpack off and rest were eachoters.

I’ve always found a lot of love and complicity in the eyes of the women i was finding in the streets and, warm eyes of someone who understands what you are going through because that’s the same thing she is going through and with a smile  says “ i love you-i admire you- carry on-don’t look back- i would die to save you if it was necessary”


There is a lot of complicity and admiration between female solo travelers and the bonds you make, even if they dont’t see eachother often,last for ever.


I wanted my travels to serve not just my wanderlust but other women as well,i needed turn my wandering into something that could help other women,women who,for a number of reasons, can’t have the same freedom of movement,expression, thought i have and so i thought that this  Indian expedition could be the perfect occasion to specifically christen this big project.



Women in India still nowadays are discriminated, abused, tortured and mistreated by a strongly patriarchal society and my deep connection to this country made me so aware of what was around me that,as a woman, as a solo traveler, as an India lover, i had to do something, I couldn’t turn away and empowering women while traveling i thought was the best thing i could possibly do.


I started contacting a few NGO for women’s rights until i  came across the one i decided to partner up with for this very first expedition, an NGO based in Mumbai working with women from red lights district areas.


Very soon other expeditions  of walking meditation will be organized and women from all over the world (but also men) will be able to subscribe and take part helping women at the same time. Each expedition will have a different social mission and each time we will cooperate and help a new organization working to protect women’s rights.


DONNAMONDO is a revolutionary approach to traveling, its the journey inside the journey, walking meditation as a way of traveling, a spiritual journey that lifts oneself and others at the same time,  something that empower women across the globe and help them develop a new,stronger self-awareness.

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