The Route

To cross india from South to North i will walk approximately 3200 KM.


I will start walking from Kanyakumari to finish in Rishikesh,with a few,main,long stops along the way.

Kanyakumari,also known as Cape Comorin,is the sourthernmost tip of India in the state of Tamil  Nadu and it’s surrounded on three side by the Laccadive Sea. It’s the of India,the Ushuaia of this amazing,spiritual country.

The first time i’ve heard about Kanyakumari i fell in love with the idea of going to a place where the sun rises and set on the same fine,indigo horizon line.  I knew i had to see the end of India. On full moon evenenings,one can also see the moonrise and sunset at the same time.


From Kanyakumari i will start walking towards the west coast and then up passing through the states of Kerala,Karnataka,Goa,Maharastra,Rajasthan,Haryana,Dehli,Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand,where i will finish in the city of Rishikesh.  Rishikesh is in the state of Uttarakhand, on the Himalayan foot hills, known as the world capital of yoga and its relaxing,pure and spiritual vibes.

That’s where i completed my last yoga teacher training and enjoyed that place so much.

Initially  i wanted to finish my journey in Kashmir but after a few researches i’ve decided that it’s not safe place and my gut feeling says NO.



Along the way i plan to make 4 big stops in Goa,Mumbai,Jaipur and Dehli. For big stops i mean 3/ 4 days as for the most part i will just stop for night to resume my walk the following day.



I will walk an average of 30/35 km PER DAY and i aim at finishing the whole trail in 3 months.

Sooo,to recap:




I know. It’s crazy. I know.



  • 3200KM

  • 30/35 KM PER DAY

  • 3 MONTHS

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